Fáilte go Inismór.

Welcome to Inismór.

Inismór is the largest of the three Aran Islands.

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Inismór is 14km at its longest, from North-West to South-East, and it varies in width from about 0.75km to just over 3.2km.

The rock from which the island is composed is Carboniferous Limestone, like that of the Burren in Co. Clare.

Join me, Rory, for a tour of Inismór. I’ll bring you to see the main attractions of the island and give you a bit of history along the way. We will have a few photo stops and a longer break for lunch at the famous fort “Dún Aengus”.


I’m a native of Inismór and have lived here all but 6 years of my life. Bus-driving has been in my family for many years.

The Tour:

Once you’ve joined the tour sit back and enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery you are ever likely to see.

Here are some of the many sites we will see along the way.


  • Remains of St. Thomas, Protestant Church.
  • Eochaill: A fine example of some of the 28 roadside Memorial Stones or Leachtai. The islanders began building them in the early 18 th century and are dedicated to islanders who died abroad and to drowned fishermen.

Also in Eochaill is “Dún Eochaill” one of the full ring forts on the island. Next to this

Is the highest point on the island marked by “The Lighthouse”. Built in 1818 with

Enormous labour, it never worked satisfactorily for boats at sea, as it was not

Positioned properly. It was replaced in 1857 by a lighthouse at either end of the Island.

Eochaill Church , built in 1848 is one of three Catholic Churches.

  • Thatch Cottages and Leprechaun Houses, Ruins of Blacksmiths house.
  • Kilmurvey Village: Hosts the most beautiful beach on the island and which has been awarded Blue Flag status. The beach was one of the main locations for the the film “The Man of Aran” filmed in 1932 & 1933.
  • Lunch Stop: You will get enough time here to have lunch and browse around the selection of Craft shops. But the most important thing to do here is to climb to “Dún Aengus.”
  • Dún Aengus stands on the edge of a sheer cliff nearly 100m high on the edge of Europe. You will be amazed by the imposing stone wall of the inner fort, an almost semi circular enclosure on the cliff edge. It has outer defences eclosing a total area of 14 acres. Outside the wall is the remains of “Chevaux -de-Frise, large stones set at differing angles in the ground. These stones were placed to make it difficult for attackers.
  • As you climb you will see great examples of the Flora of Aran depending on the time of year you may spot orchids, wild roses etc.
  • Back on the bus. More ruins.
  • Eoghnachta: Another full ring fort “Dún Eoghnachta” can bee seen.
  • Na Seacht Teampall, the Seven Churches. Finest example of a monastic settlement on Inismór. Most of the buildings remain standing in ruins. The main church is Teampall Bhreacain.
  • Shoreline.
  • Towards the end of the island are some breathtaking views.
  • A 300 year old thatch cottage which is still occupied.
  • Return Journey:
  • Man of Aran Cottages: These cottages were made famous by the “Man of Aran” film, directed by Robert O’Flaherty, it shows how life was on the island. The making of land, fishing Basking Shark. Local actors were used. This film can bee seen in Ionad Árainn, the Heritage Center in Kilronan.
  • Along the coast road a good example of how the land was, all loose stone and rock. Granite boulders.
  • Seal Colony: Depending on the tide you may see an average of 15-20 seals.
  • Corrough Shore: To the right is the Old Kelp Factory remains. Built in 1865, for drying and burning seaweed to kelp. A byproduct of this was iodine which at the time was in great demand for medicinal uses, ice-cream and make-up. On the left is the lake where you will see swans, herons and ducks.
  • In Mainistir, we see from us “Teampall Chiarain”, dating back as far as the 7 th century.
  • Back in the main village of Kilronan.
  • End of tour, a tour I know you will enjoy.

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My Bus

  • Seven Churches


  • Man of Aran Cottages



  • Memorial Stones


  • Dun Aonghus


  • Blue Flag beach


  • Two thatch cottages

  • Small Leprechauns House (to the left of the yellow house)

Old ruins of the Blacksmith house


  • Dun Eoghanacht

gap in the walls

Blue Flag Beach

  • Maggie Danin Cottage



West end light house

  • Seals

stone walls




  • Seaweed Factory

  • Lake Swans

  • Protestant Church